Workshops & Marketing Lead

Chengdu, China

Smart Air 教育团队招人啦! 


Smart Air is launching an exciting new project in Sichuan during winter 2021, and is looking for one or two charismatic individuals to lead our workshops, events and marketing efforts there. The individual(s) should be based in Sichuan, and passionate about protecting people from the harms of dirty air, and using social entrepreneurship as a tool for creating positive social change.

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Smart Air是一家环保社会企业,也是中国第十一家共益企业(B Corp)。总部位于中国北京,并在印度、蒙古、菲律宾设有分公司。2013年成立以来,Smart Air致力于通过环保教育和价格实惠、有实验数据的空气净化器,帮助生活在空气污染中的人们抵抗空气污染危害。我们相信,干净的空气不是奢侈品!

Smart Air已经举办了500+长线下沙龙,提供给1万多个人关于空气雾霾的指示。今年,Smart Air要把只是分享项目扩大,把沙龙形式何指示更多的线上分享。为什么线上呢?这样我们才能够帮助到中国全国14亿人!

为了开始这分项目,Smart Air正在寻找一名出色的线上教育项目经理来推广Smart Air的环保教育项目和理念。我们希望这位小伙伴能够借助B Corp和社会企业作为发展平台,利用上班的7小时(你没有听错,我们实行7小时工作制!)为社会创新和环保教育出一份力,享受商业向善给你带来的思想激荡和情感慰藉!



  • 在成都、乐山和自贡寻找合适的沙龙合伙人、主持人
  • 完成目标:每个月至少举办10场沙龙
  • 管理3-5人的沙龙团队,并合理分配工作

  • 全国范围内线上&线下推广Smart Air的教育工作
  • 线上&线下推广Smart Air品牌和沙龙活动,扩大影响力
  • 与北京的新媒体团队合作,产出沙龙项目的视频、文章、图片等媒体素材
  • 与当地企业和组织合作推广Smart Air


  • 中文为母语+良好的英文沟通能力(优先

  • 1-2年举办活动/培训的工作经验

  • 优秀的人际交往能力与沟通表达能力

  • 良好的项目管理能力和多任务执行能力

  • 热爱社会创新,认可社会企业向善的价值观与商业模式


  • 项目时间:2021年10月-2022年6月(8个月)后期可有机会做长期在Smart Air的同事)

  • 工作时间:弹性上班时间+7小时工作制!

  • 薪酬:具备行业竞争力。每秒加班时间有加班费。Smart Air为你支付国家社保。

  • 培训阶段:在10月份,需要来到北京进行培训,3周左右

  • 工作地点:四川成都(或者其他附近城市),远程和Smart Air的北京团队一起工作

  • 汇报对象:Smart Air CEO,Paddy


有意者请将个人简历发送到 apply-ed@smartairfilters.com。 邮件主题命名格式:[岗位名称] + 姓名 + 可入职时间。


a. 结合本职位简述,你觉得自己为什么适合这份工作?

b. 你为什么希望加入Smart Air?


Workshops & Marketing Lead

Job Description:

This role is part of a brand new project Smart Air is launching in Sichuan to run and host over 50 educational workshops on clean air over the next 8 months. These workshops will be run in three of Sichuan's most polluted cities: Chengdu, Leshan and Zigong.

Organise Workshops

  • Find suitable partners and co-hosts to run workshops in the cities of Chengdu, Leshan and Zigong.
  • Ensure our monthly workshop targets of minimum 10 workshops/month are met.
  • Manage a team of 3-5 workshop co-ordinators across Sichuan and allocate workshop responsibilities to them.


  • Market and promote Smart Air's educational work online and offline across China.
  • Market and promote Smart Air and the workshops online and offline, to expand Smart Air's reach and impact.
  • Work with our Beijing-based social media team to produce and publish videos, articles and pictures of the Workshop Programme.
  • Find and create partnerships with local businesses and organisations to promote Smart Air's work.

Core competencies

  • Strong Chinese and English ability. Able to run and hold events in both Chinese and English.
  • 1-2 years' experience in events organising, and/or experience with education and training (preferable).
  • Great communicator and with strong understanding of social media and networking.
  • A strong passion for Smart Air’s social mission of helping people protect themselves from air pollution, and for the environment.

 Quick facts

  • Project Duration: 8 months from Oct 2021 - Jun 2021, with option for extension based on results.
  • Working hours: 7hrs/day, flexi-time.

  • On-boarding: Approx 3 weeks on-boarding in October in Beijing.

  • Salary: Competitive, with full Chinese social + health insurance paid

  • Chengdu, Sichuan or other nearby cities in Sichuan

  • Reports to: Head Paddy from Wales!) and Head of Operations (Anna from Beijing!).

How to Apply

Send an email with your CV and a cover letter to apply-ed@smartairfilters.com

Your cover letter should be no more than 200 words, and answer: a) why you want to work at Smart Air; and b) why you're the right person for this job.

No need for formal cover letters, just be clear and to the point.

Deadline: 18th September, 2021

That’s it! Looking forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to pass this job description to any friends who you think might be interested.

About Smart Air:

Smart Air is a social enterprise and certified B-Corp that is changing the way people breathe clean air. Our mission is to educate people on air pollution and help people find low-cost solutions to breathing clean air.